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Friday, February 19, 2010

Gov. Mitt Romney Strongest GOP Challenger to Obama in New Poll

A new Public Policy Polling (PPP) Poll is out on the potential 2012 General Election matchups. It shows former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney polling as the strongest potential candidate against President Obama, with Mike Huckabee and others not far behind. Here are the numbers:

Obama 45%, Romney 43%
Obama 46%, Huckabee 43%
Obama 50%, Palin 43%
Obama 46%, Thune 28%

For Romney this is his first time flying solo as the closest Republican to Obama. In the previous ten polls Huckabee was the closest nine times and the tenth was a tie between Huckabee and Romney. The former Massachusetts Governor fares the best of the GOP contenders among independents, leading Obama 43-38.

Huckabee falls back behind Obama after leading by a point a month ago. He's the most well liked (maybe least disliked is a better term) of the Republican field among Democrats at a 16/40 spread.

Palin continues to be the weakest of the leading trio of Republicans. Where Romney and Huckabee hold small leads with independents she trails by 10 points. She also loses 14% of the Republican vote to Obama compared to only 10% for Romney and 11% for Huckabee. . . . MORE


Anonymous,  February 19, 2010 at 10:25 AM  

Huckabee remains the only Republican to have ever BEATEN Obama in one of these polls. He's more popular with the senior citizens who don't like to push buttons on their phones to answer automated polls like this one, but they do get out to vote.

Romney is enjoying a brief flash-in-the-pan bump from the Scott Brown comments during his victory speech.

With time, Republicans will eventually look at Romney's pathetic economic performance as Governor and reject him.

Also, if you get on YouTube and compare his debating skills to Obama's, you won't be wanting him representing the GOP, unless you're into Marxism.

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