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Friday, February 5, 2010

GOP Senate Candidate Marco Rubio on Hugging Obama: "Why Would I Hug Someone I Don't Even Know?" - Video

Here is video of Florida GOP Senate Candidate Marco Rubio talking about "the hug" his GOP opponent - Gov. Charlie Crist - gave to President Obama early last year when Crist announced his support for Obama's $787 Billion Stimulus Plan. In an interview, Rubio was asked if "he would give Obama a hug." Rubio responded with, "Why? Why would I hug someone I don't even know?" Rubio said it with a smile. That answer makes sense to most people.

Rubio went on to say that what has hurt Crist is not so much the hug, actually, but that he supported a "plan that is helping to bankrupt the country."

The report also looks at the support the Tea Party Movement is giving to Rubio, and shows Crist admitting he has never sat down and talked with any Tea Party Activists that he knows of.

Rubio is a very strong candidate, and has the right message and convictions. He appears to be on his way to beating Crist, and should be a strong candidate for the Fall election. But it's a long way to August, and anything could happen.


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