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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Glenn Beck Gives Impassioned Speech at 2010 CPAC Meeting - Complete Video 2/20/10

Here is complete video of Glenn Beck's speech at the 2010 CPAC Meeting today. Beck took aim at what he called the "disease of Progressivism," and he hammered both the Republican and Democrat Parties for tolerating and advancing it.

Beck said "one party wants to tax and spend," and the other "just wants to spend." He broke out his trademark Chalkboard and traced the origin and development of "Progressivism" going back to Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, and continuing on through Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt.

Beck ended with an impassioned rendition of the Statue of Liberty Poem, demonstrating how it actually should be read to convey the message that anyone can make it in America because of the freedom and liberty found here.


Mrs. Cheryl N. Smith February 21, 2010 at 8:30 AM  

Beck has educated himself and most of the "listening" U.S. by reading and talking with many experts. He actually asks the right questions and gets the answers. He shows proof of his findings. Unlike the far right and left and our biased MEDIA. If you watch and listen to him and his experts you can't find anything more American then his position. We don't owe anyone anything but own hard work and SWEAT for the American Dream. If I have to move to a Libertarian Party to get that dream...then so be it.

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