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Friday, February 26, 2010

Focus Group Believes Republicans Did Well at Summit; Want "Start Over" on Health Care; No "Reconciliation" - Video

Here is video of Frank Luntz talking with a Focus Group in Philadelphia about the Health Care Summit. In the group, 13 had been McCain voters and 11 had been Obama voters. By a wide margin, more in the group felt the Republicans did surprisingly well than those who felt Obama did surprisingly well at the Summit. The word "condescension" came up several times in describing Obama and his attitude. The group felt "Washington" is not listening to the people.

When asked how many wanted a "start over" on Health Care that would include Republicans in crafting legislation, most of the hands in the group went up.

At the end, they were asked how many wanted the Democrats to use "Reconciliation" to pass Health Care, and only 3 out of 24 people raised their hands.

The American People continue to speak, but it seems President Obama and the Democrats just don't want to listen to what they are saying.


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