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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Democrat Sen. Blanche Lincoln Now Trailing All Possible GOP Challengers by Wide Margin in Arkansas - Rasmussen

Democrat Sen. Blanche Lincoln has to be in shock as she looks at new polling numbers out from Rasmussen in Arkansas. Lincoln is now trailing every possible GOP challenger by a large margin, with her support now falling to between 33%-36%. Lincoln is paying a heavy price for voting for the Senate Health Care Bill in December:

For incumbent Democratic Senator Blanche Lambert Lincoln, the opponents are interchangeable at this point in her bid for reelection in Arkansas. New Rasmussen Reports polling in the state finds her stuck in the mid-30s against any of five Republican opponents. 

Her GOP rivals, including Congressman John Boozman who is expected to enter the race on Saturday, all earn roughly 50% of the vote against the two-term Democrat. 

But worse for Lincoln in the latest survey is that her numbers continue to fall. In September and December, her support was between 39% and 41% in these match-ups. Last month, it slipped to 38% or 39% support against any of four Republicans. Now, her support ranges from 33% to 36%. . . . . . MORE


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