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Friday, February 26, 2010

Charles Krauthammer Says Obama Has "Given Up the Aura of the Presidency"; Now at Level of "Prime Minister" - Video

Here is video of Fox News' Charles Krauthammer last night saying Barack Obama has "given up the aura of the Presidency" with his actions on the Health Care Debate. Krauthammer said Obama now has more the aura of a "Prime Minister" leading his party rather than the leader of the nation standing above the political process.

Krauthammer said the Republicans "really helped themselves" by making it clear to the nation they do have plans they have presented for reforming the Health Care System - which Democrats have been claiming they do not. It is now clear they are not "the party of 'No,' but are simply disagreeing with the Leftist approach Obama is taking to address the problem.

Krauthammer did say he believes the Summit will help Democrats in the short run to jam through their Health Care Plan because it gave the impression they were listening to Republicans.


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