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Monday, February 15, 2010

Carl Cameron says Big Question on Evan Bayh is Whether He Will or Won't Run for President - Video

Here is video of Fox News reporting that Democrat Sen. Evan Bayh is retiring rather than seek re-election this Fall in Indiana. This leaves the Democrats in a huge mess with the U.S. Senate seat in Indiana. They only have until tomorrow to get a candidate certified to run (They could nominate someone later through the liberal-dominated caucus process). We have moved Indiana to a tossup in our "Polls and Projections" Table as a result of this announcement.

Bayh had been considered fairly likely to be re-elected. Bayh will hold a News Conference at 1:00 PM CT in Indianapolis today to announce his decision not to run. Carl Cameron of Fox News also said the big question is whether he will make a "Shermanesque" suggestion as to whether he will or won't run for President! Cameron said Bayh has been "dissatisfied with the Obama Agenda."

Wouldn't it be interesting to see Bayh run against Obama from the center-right in the 2012 Democratic Nomination race?


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