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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bill Bennett Explains His Criticism of Glenn Beck CPAC Speech; Says Beck is "Too Bleak" on GOP - Video 2/23/10

Here is video of Bill Bennett criticizing Glenn Beck for his speech at CPAC. Bennett was talking to Wolf Blitzer yesterday on CNN.

Bennett was specifically critical of Beck for suggesting that there is no real difference between the Democrat and Republican parties. Beck railed against the GOP in his speech, saying both parties were "infected" with the "disease of progressivism."

Bennett said there is a difference between the parties, and wondered if Beck would say there is no difference between Republicans Paul Ryan and Michele Bachmann and Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank? "I would think so," Bennett said.

He also said it is inaccurate for Beck to claim no leading Republicans have repudiated the big spending ways of the GOP during the Bush Administration. He said many Republicans have done that very thing.

Bennett also said Beck is "just too bleak." His fear is that if people believe there is no difference between the parties, they will just stay home and not vote in the coming elections. It could also lead to a third party, which would help the Democrats.

Bennett said the Tea Party Movement has made it clear they have no interest in a third party, but Bennett said he is not sure what Beck's aims are.

The "Great One" - Mark Levin - has also been critical of Beck for his statements that there is no real difference between the parties.


Blind Eye Jones,  February 24, 2010 at 11:11 AM  

What's Bennett up to smoothing Wolf? I guess it's that book sale thing: "there a lot about CNN in my book, Wolf." I thought he had more integrity. And Beck could lay off the "I'm an ex-drunk" routine -- it's getting stale. Sometimes I think it is "pick a team to root for, any team."

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