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Monday, February 22, 2010

Bill Bennett Calls Out Glenn Beck on His Claim there is No Real Difference Between the Democrat and Republican Parties

Bill Bennett has written an excellent rebuttal at The Corner to part of Glenn Beck's speech at CPAC in which Beck essentially advanced his continuing claim that there is no real difference between the Democrat Party and the Republican Party. Beck said they are both infected with the same "disease of Progressivism."

Bennett forcefully disagreed with the assertion that Republicans have not repudiated the spending binge they went on under the Bush Administration:

There’s a lot to say about CPAC. This morning the major papers are highlighting Glenn Beck’s speech. I like Glenn a lot and I think he has something to teach us. But not what he offered last night. . . .

Second, for him to continue to say that he does not hear the Republican party admit its failings or problems is to ignore some of the loudest and brightest lights in the party. From Jim DeMint to Tom Coburn to Mike Pence to Paul Ryan, any number of Republicans have admitted the excesses of the party and done constructive and serious work to correct them and find and promote solutions. Even John McCain has said again and again that “the Republican party lost its way.” These leaders, and many others, have been offering real proposals, not ill-informed muttering diatribes that can’t distinguish between conservative and liberal, free enterprise and controlled markets, or night and day.

Does Glenn truly believe there is no difference between a Tom Coburn, for example, and a Harry Reid or a Charles Schumer or a Barbara Boxer? Between a Paul Ryan or Michele Bachmann and a Nancy Pelosi or Barney Frank? . . . MORE

I agree with Bennett here. Glenn Beck said a lot that was dead-on accurate in his speech at CPAC, but his continuing constant attacks on Republicans as if there is no real difference between the parties is totally off base, and is beginning to come off as a device to position himself as somehow standing above both parties. There is a difference between the two parties, and it has been Republicans standing up to President Obama in Congress, representing the clear majority of Americans who do not want the radical agenda of Obama and the Democrats.

Republicans like Tom Coburn, Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, Michele Bachmann and others should be applauded for their leadership during these days, not dismissed as Republicans who are "just like the Democrats." They are not.

UPDATE: I see now that Mark Levin has also written on his Facebook a similar rebuttal to Beck's Speech.


Carlos Echevarria February 22, 2010 at 9:51 AM  

I agree with you 100%, as well as Levin's broadside on Facebook, I love Fox News and I appreciate Beck's efforts on exposing certain Obama cabinet officers but his incessant railing against the GOP and even lambasting a patriot and warrior like Teddy Roosevelt is getting beyond the pale.

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