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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Biden Again Praises Obama for "Iraq Management"; Says Iraq War was Not "Worth It" - Video

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Here is video of Vice-President Joe Biden once again giving credit to President Obama for the way he has "managed Iraq" since taking office. He also came right out and said he does not believe the Iraq War was "worth it" because of the high price that has been paid.

It would be nice to hear the American Soldier praised and hailed for VICTORY in Iraq by someone in this Administration. Neither President Obama, nor Vice-President Joe Biden want to utter the "V" word because they both know they did everything possible to engineer an early American withdrawal from Iraq prior to the Surge Strategy that would have been labeled a defeat. They opposed the very strategy that enabled our men and women in uniform to prevail, and now Biden praises President Obama for his "management" of the Iraq. If either one of them had been "managing" the Iraq War instead of George W. Bush, we would have withdrawn in defeat.

Here is Joe Biden in 2007 showing just how wrong he was on the Surge Strategy:

Here is then Senator Obama opposing the Surge Strategy and saying it would fail:

John McCain said it well when he hammered Obama for opposing the Surge Strategy, and for not being willing to praise American Troops for "winning" in Iraq:


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