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Friday, January 29, 2010

Karl Rove Says Feinstein, Schumer Trying to Save Obama Embarrassment over NYC Terror Trials - Video

Here is video of Karl Rove talking with Bill O'Reilly tonight about the White House running scared on having the Terror Detainee trials in New York City. Democrat Senators Diane Feinstein and Chuck Schumer have apparently told the White House they can't plan to have the trials in New York City. The White House is reportedly looking for another site.

Karl Rove said that Feinstein and Schumer have actually saved Obama the embarrassment of the Congress voting to not fund the terror trials there, and they now at least can look elsewhere. But Rove said it does not get at the underlying problem of the Obama Administration's philosophy of wanting to try terror suspects in civilian courts.

They also discussed President Obama's appearance today before the House Republican Conference where he had a combative give and take with the GOP members. Rove said that despite Obama's rhetoric of wanting to work together and be bi-partisan, the very appearance itself was being used by Obama to advance his political agenda and help Democrats hang on to their majority this November.


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