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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sen. Arlen Specter Tells GOP Rep. Michelle Bachmann to "Act Like a Lady" on Radio Program - Audio 1/20/10

Here is audio of Sen. Arlen Specter yesterday on a Philadelphia radio program telling GOP Rep. Michelle Bachmann to "act like lady."

Specter seemed to lose it as he debated Michelle Bachmann. He told her "Don't interrupt me, I didn't interrupt you. Act like a lady." He told her that twice during the exchange.

Bachmann responded with, "I am a lady." The two were appearing on Dom Giordano's radio program.

Politico's Glenn Thrush reports:

The exchange, broadcast on 1210 AM's Dom Giordano Show [but not archived on the station's site], began when Specter challenged Bachmann to articulate what, exactly, she stands for, according to a readout on the clash published by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's lively Early Returns blog.

Bachmann first laid out her agenda -- cutting taxes and killing President Obama's health reform bill -- at considerable length.

When Specter tried to counter, Bachmann, darling of the Tea Party movement, kept on talking, which didn't sit well with the one-time Philadelphia DA, who is a stickler for politeness and protocol.

"I'm going to treat you like a lady," Mr. Specter shot back. "Now act like one."

Ms. Bachmann replied, "I am a lady."

Things went on along this line for a while -- with Specter later asking Bachmann to "act like a lady," according to the PPG's Daniel Malloy. . . . MORE


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