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Friday, January 29, 2010

Rudy Giuliani Calls Obama Attack on Supreme Court, "Horrible"; Calls on Obama to Apologize to the Court and "Set the Record Straight" - Video 1/29/10

Here is video of Rudy Giuliani today talking to Neil Cavuto about movement toward holding the trial for 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Muhammed somewhere other than New York City. Giuliani said he predicted a month ago that Obama would have to relent on having the trial in New York and move it somewhere else. He said there is just not public support for having a trial in a civilian court that will become a total circus. Giuliani said "this makes no sense - it is totally unnecessary."

Cavuto also asked Giuliani about Obama's attack on the Supreme Court during his State of the Union Address. Giuliani said:

"I thought it was horrible . . . He makes this unprecedented partisan attack on the Supreme Court so his congressmaen and senators - not the Republicans - all get up and cheer, they're leaning over them and cheering. It was an absurd thing to do . . ."
Giuliani said beyond the lack of respect and decorum exhibited by Obama, he was "dead wrong." Giuliani read from the opinion by Justice Kennedy that explicitly states that their decision had nothing to do with allowing Foreign Companies to influence political campaigns.

Giuliani went on:
"I think it also creates more of the credibility gap this President has. He wasn't telling the truth. He wasn't accurately stating the opinion. . . . It's "Not True" Mr. President. You're wrong. Now apologize for it! . . . Almost lawyer to lawyer he ought to apologize. He misrepresented the opinion of the Supreme Court in an attempt to humiliate the court. My goodness - he has a responsibility as a lawyer to apologize to the Court and set the record straight."
It could not have been said better than Giuliani expressed it here. Obama was way out of bounds to do what he did. The mainstream media is ignoring the significance of this story and what it shows about the "thin-skinned" nature of our President. Anyone who dares to disagree with him or get in his way can look for a lecture from him, no matter how discourteous or ill-mannered it may be.


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