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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Report from the Scene of an 11 Year-Old Haitian Girl Trapped Under Rubble - Video 1/14/10

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Here is heart-wrenching video of CNN Reporter Ivan Watson at the scene in Haiti where an 11 year-old girl is trapped under heavy concrete rubble. You can hear her screams in the background. She was only discovered today in the rubble of her house where dozens of other people are believed to be trapped or dead.

The girl's leg is trapped and those on the scene were trying to decide whether or not to cut off her leg in order to free her from the rubble. Reporter Ivan Watson pointed out that this was happening at just one house, and there are thousands of such situations across Port-Au-Prince.

Here is an update on the ongoing effort to free this girl. It shows them giving her water and trying to comfort her as they continue to work on freeing her from the rubble:


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