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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Report Details Sordid John Edwards Cover-Up; Includes Angry Voicemail from Elizabeth Edwards to Staffer - Video 1/29/10

Here is video of a report that exposes former Democrat Senator and Presidential Candidate John Edwards for the complete fraud that he is. It details his extraordinary efforts to keep people from knowing that he was the father of Riehl Hunter's baby. She was a videographer who worked for his failed Presidential Campaign.

Even his wife, Elizabeth, believed him at first, and called the staff member Edwards convinced to take the fall for him - Andrew Young - and left him a hateful message calling Hunter, "Your Concubine," and telling him to "stay out of our lives." As it turned out, Hunter was involved with her husband and not Andrew Young.

The video shows clips from Edwards' interviews in which he denied being the father, and talks with Andrew Young and his wife about the entire sordid affair.

UPDATE: I just can't resist posting the classic "I Feel Pretty" Video of John Edwards working on his hair without knowing he was being taped! What a classic!


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