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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ralph Peters Calls Pentagon Report on Ft. Hood Shooting a "Whitewash" That Is "Morally Corrosive and Dishonest" - Video 1/16/10

Here is video of Lt. Col. Ralph Peters on "Fox & Friends" calling the Pentagon report on the Fort Hood shooting a "whitewash."

The Pentagon report blamed "several Army officers" for "failing to see the warning signs before the attack."

Peters called the report a "whitewash" that is "morally corrosive and dishonest." He said the officers should be disciplined but he said the report never asked the question "why didn't they stop him?" Peters said the answer is "the pervasive culture of political correctness in our military." He added that the officers "knew that if they tried to put Hasan out of the army, or stop his promotion...that their careers would suffer and that Hasan probably would have sailed straight through anyway."

Peters said, "the problem is a climate and a culture of political correctness that kills American service members."


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