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Saturday, January 2, 2010

President Obama Finally Admits Al-Qaeda was Behind Christmas Day Terror Attempt; Calls for Unity in Struggle Against Terrorism - Video 1/2/10

Here is video of President Obama giving his Weekly Address, which he used to talk about the Christmas Day Terrorist Attack attempt, and his broader strategy to combat Al-Qaeda.

Obama admits and confirms that Al-Qaeda was behind the attempted attack. Obama said Abdumutallab was trained and equipped by Al-Qaeda in Yemen. The President said he is taking steps to further strengthen our relationship with the Yemeni Government.

It is interesting that Obama called Americans to come together behind his strategy and not "give in to partisanship and cynicism." This is coming from a President who sits in the White House entirely because of "partisanship and cynicism." He built his candidacy on opposing the War in Iraq, declaring it would be a failure, even as President Bush pressed forward with a Surge Strategy that succeeded. American Forces have been brilliantly successful in Iraq - deposing a dangerous Dictator and his thug regime, and giving millions of Iraqis a chance at freedom and democracy in the middle of a region where it is foreign.

We should come together behind this President's steps if he is serious about winning the Global War on Terror against Islamic Jihadist forces. But we will never forget that this President and the Democrat Party did everything they could to undermine President George W. Bush and the war effort in Iraq. His words ring hollow today because of his actions then.


Anonymous,  January 6, 2010 at 1:39 AM  

It is not the US's job to spread democracy to the rest of the world. Democracy does not work for all countries. Was and is it worth the cost of lives, times, and money to rid the world of Saddam? Those forces could either be in Afghanistan (hopefully not much longer) or keeping the Homeland safe. We are wasting so many of our resources in Iraq.

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