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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Peggy Noonan on Obama: The "Product You are Trying to Sell is Faulty" - Video 1/24/10

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Here is video of Peggy Noonan on Meet the Press where she brilliantly summed up the fact that the reason voters are rejecting Obama's Agenda is not that he has not communicated it effectively enough, it is that "the product you are trying to sell is faulty." She was responding to suggestions that if Obama just more effectively communicate his message, voters will feel differently.

Noonan pointed out that Obama and his administration are out there constantly "communicating" their message ad nauseum - in fact she described their ubiquitous presence on cable networks pushing their message as "the wallpaper of your life, seeing the Administration putting it's case forward." She said it is a mistake to think that there is some "magic" way to communicate the message that will work.

Noonan said that part of "communicating" is listening - "you talk and you hear." Noonan said "the Administration has done a bad job the past year of hearing the response of the American people and their reservations about their biggest issue - Health Care."


Anonymous,  January 24, 2010 at 4:27 PM  

Cliche or no, Leftist partisans in general notoriously embrace attitudes rather than rational conclusions. From anti-nuclear phobias to Climate Cultists' Green Gang propaganda, they consistently spout ill-mannered rhetoric of the most atavistic, reactionary nature-- collectivist Statism, a central-planning Neverland anti-democratic and regressive to the core.

Post-Enlightenment Industrial and Scientific/Technological Revolutions proceed apace, but Eric Hoffer's "closeted men of words" care nothing for peace-and-progress outside their self-aggrandizing agenda. Their extraordinary vitriol, rife with obscenities and profanities, dismisses civil discourse by making reasoned, factual debate impossible. Ad hominem Argument by Stipulation from Authority ("it's true because we Ascended Masters say it is") reduces political positions to ill-tempered shouting matches whereby radical extremists attempt to stifle opposition by hurling barnyard epithets.

In this milieu, it helps to bear in mind not what blatant thugs may say but who they are. Consider the source: As all sentient entities now know, any assertion whatever emanating from Pachauri's IPCC, Jones' Hadley CRU or Michael Mann's notorious Penn State ESSC inherently lacks credibility. The same goes for White House gabblings, Reid/Pelosi-crats' duckspeak, and so on and on.

Rarely if ever has such an extreme disconnect infected office-holders vs. constituents in America's democratic polity. Come November, whatever ranting partisans envisage, the outcome will be their responsibility alone.

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