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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Newark Liberty Airport In Lockdown Over Security Breach - 1/3/10

Fox News:

Newark Liberty International Airport is on lockdown after reports of a man breaching security at the Continental Airlines terminal, according the FAA Web site and cable news reports.

A male was observed going in the wrong direction through the security area at the aiport's Terminal C, Transportation Security Administration officials told Fox News.

Once aware of the situation, TSA officials with assistance from the New York Port Authority reviewed security videotape to identify the errant individual.

As of 8:40 p.m. Sunday, security was unable to locate that individual in the terminal.

All passengers in the secure part of the terminal were ordered to evacuate the terminal and go through the screening area once again, Fox News learned.

There is nothing beyond the report that he went the wrong way to suggest there is anything wrong or serious about this situation, a TSA official told Fox News.

The official said this type of situation has happened before where a person quite innocently and for whatever reason walks through the security area improperly...More


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