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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MSNBC's Chris Matthews Interviews J.D. Hayworth about His Senate Run Against Sen. John McCain - Video 1/26/10

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Here is video of MSNBC's Chris Matthews interviewing former Arizona Rep. J.D. Hayworth, who has said he will challenge Sen. John McCain for the GOP Senate Nomination in Arizona this year.

Hayworth said John McCain is a hero, he believes McCain has "been in Washington too long," and is not a conservative on many issues.

At one point, Matthews asked Hayworth about his past remarks that President Obama should simply produce his birth certificate information to put all questions to rest. Hayworth said he stands by those remarks. Matthews tried to make a lot of the remarks, as if Hayworth was saying he does not believe Obama is an American citizen. Hayworth never said that. He only said "who better than Obama" to put the whole thing to rest by simply coming forward with the clear informaton that has been requested.

Hayworth also said he favors "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" for Terrorist Suspects, which John McCain opposes.


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