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Monday, January 18, 2010

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell and Mike Barnicle Blame Coakley; She "Has Clearly Blown It" and "Took the Public For Granted" - Video 1/18/10

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Here is video of Mike Barnicle and Pat Buchanan talking with Andrea Mitchell about Martha Coakley and the Massachusetts race.

Andrea Mitchell said that Martha Coakley "has clearly blown it" and Mike Barnicle said that Coakley "took the public for granted." Barnicle said up until Sunday he thought that Coakley "could pull out a narrow victory, just based upon registration and union members getting voters to the polls," but he said he was "stunned" after seeing all the Scott Brown signs and said he "would not be at all surprised" if Scott Brown wins tomorrow.

Mike Barnicle added that he doesn't think the election will be a vote "up or down on Health Care as proposed by Barack Obama."


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