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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Katie Couric Interviews "Tea Party Movement" Leaders; Movement is Fundamentally "Patriotic" - Video 1/25/10

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Here is video of CBS News anchor Katie Couric talking to "Tea Party Movement" leaders Michael Johns and Kellen Guida about what is behind the grassroots movement that has swept the country.

They told Couric the movement is a "visceral reaction" to the idea that "our federal government was growing too large, that too much power was being centralized, and government bureaucracies that the American people were over-taxed, in some ways over-regulated."

They also told Couric it is fundamentally a "patriotic movement" - a movement that loves America and what America stands for in the world.

Couric joked with them that as part of "Big Media," she is "one of the enemy."


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