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Monday, January 18, 2010

Karl Rove Tells O'Reilly GOP's Scott Brown Will Win by 3-6 Points in MA Senate Race - Video 1/18/10

Here is video of Karl Rove telling Bill O'Reilly he believes GOP Candidate Scott Brown will win the Massachusetts Senate Race by 3-6 points tomorrow over Democrat Martha Coakley. This despite the fact a Republican has not won an open Senate seat in Massachusetts since 1966, according to Rove.

But Rove believes Brown has run a very good campaign, and Coakley has not. He also said he does not think Obama did Coakley any good in his appearance with her on Sunday.

If Brown wins, Rove said "all heck will break loose" if the Democrats try to ram Health Care through using lame duck Sen. Paul Kirk from Massachusetts.

O'Reilly said if Brown wins, he believes ObamaCare is "done."


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