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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Karl Rove Says Obama Will Show He "Thinks We Are Stupid" with State of the Union Spending Freeze Pitch - Video 1/26/10

Here is video of Sean Hannity talking with Karl Rove about an email Hannity obtained that he says contains "White House Talking Points" in advance of President Obama's Stat of the Union Address today.

The document focuses on pushing Democrat operatives and talking heads to say that Obama has saved the country from the brink of another "Great Depression."

The final talking point in the document says "Obama has been faithful to the central promises of his campaign."

Rove said his favorite part of the talking points was the "saved or created jobs" part, even though Obama's $787 Billion Stimulus Plan has been a miserable failure at creating jobs. We have much higher unemployment now than we did when he pushed the massive spending plan through Congress.

Rove said historically, Presidents cannot "reset" the political agenda with a State of the Union message. Rove said the Democrats are showing desperation with the retirements of key Democrats who are afraid to run for re-election later this year. The fact that Vice-President Joe Biden's son, Beau Biden, decided not to even run for his Dad's old Senate seat is a sign of just how tough Democrats know things are for them.

Rove said what Obama is going to try and say about spending shows he thinks "we are stupid." Obama is going to try and paint himself as the proponent of "fiscal restraint" by calling for a Government Spending Freeze (although it is only for 12.5% of the Government), after he has spent his entire first year nearly quadrupling spending! Obama has spent and spent, and now he will tell us "we need to get our fiscal house in order!" Rove said it's like "closing the barn door after the cows are already out."


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