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Friday, January 22, 2010

Karl Rove Comments on Obama's Disastrous Week; Says Mid-term Elections "Could be an Earthquake" - Video 1/22/10

Here is video of Karl Rove tonight talking to Sean Hannity about the dismal week for President Obama and the Democrats. Rove commented on Obama's claim today that he has tried to be "transparent," despite the fact he has not kept his promise to conduct Health Care Reform negotiations "on C-Span." Instead he and the Democrats have cut deals behind closed doors, not opening up the process to the scrutiny of the public.

Hannity and Rove talked about whether Obama will move to the center and give up on the Health Care Bill, or stay the course and press for his ideological agenda. Rove said Obama is going to try to play the part of "Mr. Populist" - angry, fist-beating, claiming to stand against the big banks and the special interests.

Rove said it was a mistake for Obama to take the "anti-business," "anti-free enterprise" tone he has this week, because he has made the markets feel very uneasy.

On the mid-term elections, Rove said he now believes the GOP could pick up between 5-8 seats in the U.S. Senate. "This could be an earthquake this fall." On the House side, Rove said the GOP could take back "considerably more than 22" seats, the number he had thought prior to Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts.

Rove believes that Obama's "State of the Union" Address next Wednesday will reveal whether or not Obama is going to move to the center. He does not think he will. He thinks Obama will, instead, take the "angry, fist-pounding Populist" tone.


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