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Thursday, January 21, 2010

John McCain Tells Hannity that Brown Victory is a "Seismic Event the Likes of Which I Have Never Seen" - Video 1/20/10

Here is video of Sen. John McCain talking with Sean Hannity last night about the significance of Scott Brown's victory in the Massachusetts Senate Race.

The video begins with a montage of clips on Scott Brown's victory, and then includes McCain sharing his views with Hannity (McCain begins talking at the 2:50 mark). McCain said Brown's win is a "seismic event the likes of which I have never seen."

McCain said it is the "shot heard round the country - if not around the world" which says "we are for change, but not the kind of change that we have seen in the last year."

McCain agreed that the victory is a "repudiation of the product and the process" used by Obama and the Democrats to push their ObamaCare legislation.


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