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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

John Fund Says There Will be No "Exit Polls" for Today's MA Senate Race

In the Massachusetts Senate Race today, it does not look like we can expect any "Exit Poll" results as we get in most elections. John Fund of the Wall Street Journal explains:

As late as January 10, the Boston Globe carried a headline trumpeting a poll showing Ms. Coakley with a 15-point lead. Mr. Brown's surge was so sudden that many of the usual accoutrements of closely-contested elections are missing in the Bay State.

One is exit polls. There will be none tonight from Massachusetts, disappointing journalists and political scientists alike. As Mike Allen of Politico.com reports, the consortium of news outlets that normally organizes such surveys didn't bother when the race was expected to be a blowout and now "wasn't confident a reliable system could be built so fast." . . . MORE
So, we'll just have to wait until the vote starts coming in to see what happens.

UPDATE 12:31 PM CT - The Caucus Blog also reports there will be no "Exit Polls" from today's race in Massachusetts because no one believed it would even be close!


Anonymous,  January 19, 2010 at 1:06 PM  

exit polls will seem very suspicious when they show a huge Brown win but The DEM somehow wins

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