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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haitians Bury Friend Using Voodoo Burial Customs - Video 1/17/10

Here is video of a CNN Report showing some Haitians burying a friend using Voodoo Customs. The report also shows the reality that many of the dead are being dumped in large pits along with trash and earthquake rubble. These friends wanted to give their friend a more dignified burial.

In the burial ceremony, the wrapped body was placed in the grave and a Catholic prayer was said. Each mourner then threw three handfuls of dirt into the grave to appease the Voodoo Spirit of the Dead.

In Haiti, there is apparently a saying: "Hatians are 80% Catholic, 15% Protestant, and 100% Voodoo." There is a great deal of syncretism in their religion - the combining of multiple religious traditions.


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