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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gergen Says Dems are "Kidding Themselves" to Think Brown Victory is Not About Their Agenda in Washington - Video 1/19/10

Here is video of a panel on Larry King Live reacting to Scott Brown's victory in the Massachusetts Senate Race.

Ari Fleischer said the victory is "staggering," and the implications are that he cannot see how the Democrats can get "Health Care Reform" passed now. Fleischer said he believes if the Democrats try, it will come back to hurt them.

David Gergen said this will be "the vote heard round the world." Gergen said Democrats are "kidding themselves" if they think this win is just because Brown was a good candidate and Coakley a bad one. Gergen said this was a message to Washington.

Gloria Borger pointed out that Bown ran on being the "41st vote against Health Care," and "he won."

Dana Bash said there are many House Democrats who say flatly they will not vote to approve the Senate Bill - a tactic that has been pushed by many Democrats in the event Brown won. Bash said it does not look like that will work.


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