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Monday, January 18, 2010

Geraldo on Scene of Citibank being Looted in Haiti: "Withdrawals have Exceeded the Deposits" - Video 1/17/10

Here is video of Geraldo Rivera on the scene in Haiti of a Citibank being looted. He sees Haitian police scurrying about and finds out they are responding to a Citibank that locals say had been being looted for hours. The police chase off the looters, capturing one. Geraldo asks the looter if he took money, and he answered "No." Geraldo responds, "That's what they all say." At the end of the report, Geraldo says locals are concerned that if the police don't stay at the bank location, looting will continue as soon as they are gone. Geraldo closes by saying he had not yet returned to the bank, but his suspicion is "the withdrawals have exceeded the deposits."


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