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Monday, January 4, 2010

Five Americans Accused of Terrorist Activity Remain in Pakistani Prison - Video 1/4/10

Here is a video report on five Americans arrested in Pakistan who may be charged with aiding terrorist groups. The five - all Muslims - claim they traveled to Pakistan and had contacted the groups only because they wanted to help the helpless Muslims."

If charged and convicted, they all face life sentences in a Pakistani Prison.

Five Northern Virginia men accused of possible terrorist ties told a Pakistani court Monday that they had neither sought nor established any contact with Islamic extremist groups, according to their Pakistani attorney, and had traveled to the region only "to help the helpless Muslims."

No formal charges were filed during the hearing against the young men, who include two Pakistani-Americans, two Yemeni-Americans and one Egyptian-American. Pakistani police officials reiterated over the weekend that they intend to seek life sentences for the five under anti-terrorism laws, and said their investigative report and recommendations for legal charges would be filed by Tuesday.

The five Americans were returned to prison after the brief midday session in an anti-terror court in the city of Sargodha, and another hearing was set for Jan. 18. But the judge released Khalid Farooq Chaudhry, the father of one Pakistani-American defendant, Umar Chaudhry, saying there was insufficient evidence to keep him detained. All six men were arrested at the elder Chaudhry's family home in Sargodha in mid-December.

In addition to Pakistani authorities, the FBI is investigating the suspects' possible terrorist ties, and officials have said the Justice Department is likely to consider charges including material support of terrorist organizations. But any decision on whether to prosecute the men through the U.S. system is weeks, and possibly months, away. . . . .MORE


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