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Monday, January 18, 2010

Democrat Coakley Says the People are "Wrong" in their View ObamaCare Costs too Much - Video 1/18/10

Here is video of Massachusetts Democrat Senate Candidate Martha Coakley in a local news interview this morning where she essentially said that the people are wrong in their opposition to the Government Health Care agenda of the Democrats in Washington.

Coakley was asked about polls showing 61% of people believe the Democrats' plan "costs too much," and was asked if the people are wrong? Coakley responded, "they are wrong." Several times she talked about how "complicated" Health Care is, as if the average person is just not capable of an intelligent opinion on the subject.

This elitist attitude is exactly why Coakley is floundering in Massachusetts. It is also why the Democrats are underestimating the rage building across America at their high-handed tactics in trying to ram through something the people have clearly said the don't want.

Coakley may yet win in Massachusetss - after all, Democrats outnumber Republicans there three to one. You can be sure the unions will be out in force tomorrow for Coakley. But even a narrow win for Coakley will reveal what we already know - people are fed up with the radical agenda being pursued in Washington by Obama and the Democrats. If Brown wins - it will be a sign of huge things to come.


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