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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Compilation Video of Reaction to Scott Brown's Victory in MA Senate Race - Video 1/19/10

Here is a compilation video of what a number of political pundits and leaders said in reaction to Scott Brown's epic victory last night in the Massachusetts Senate Race:

Mitt Romney - "This is monumental, this is epic; Barack Obama has disappointed the American people"

John King - "Massachusetts is sending a very blunt message to President Obama."

Howard Dean - "This is a backlash against Washington."

Ari Fleischer - "I really cannot see Health Care Reform passing in the United States Congress anymore."

Sarah Palin - This is a victory of "independence and common sense over arrogance."

David Gergen - "This will be the vote heard round the world. It's going to have anenormous impact here in Washington. I think it will ripple effects all the way even to American Foreign Policy."

Karl Rove - "What crystallized this whole race was the Christmas Eve vote on the Health Care Bill."

Arianna Huffington - "My initial takeaway is that this could actually be a blessing in disguise for the Democrats......they can actually prevent was coming to them in 2010, which was potentially losing both the House and the Senate."


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