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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chris Matthews Tells Howard Dean "You're Whistling Past the Graveyard" on Saying MA Voters Want more Radical ObamaCare Bill - Video 1/20/10

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Here is video of MSNBC's Chris Matthews talking to former Gov. Howard Dean last night about whether or not Democrats need to "rethink" moving forward with Health Care Reform.

Dean seemed to think Scott Brown won Massachusetts because Democrats have not tried to be radical enough on Health Care! Matthews corrected Dean by saying Coakley supported a "Public Option" and Brown said he would be the "41st Vote against Health Care." Matthews told Dean "You are whistling past the Graveyard," meaning that Dean is not facing up to the facts that voters in Washington rejected the Democrats' push for Government Health Care.

For once, Chris Matthews is right on target here. He is at least accepting the reality that the voters have rejected what Obama and the Democrats are trying to do.

Matthews told Dean "You are not looking at the results."


BVCK January 21, 2010 at 10:55 AM  

How can "the ends justify the means" Democrat Party suggest the voters want more progressive policy so much so, they voted for the opposition party?

I also love the way they openly discuss how they plan to push the bill through the back door despite having "heard" what the people are saying. Bizarre, absolutely bizarre. I guess I should be happy they are being open about something.

Also, there is nothing progressive about imposing socialism on a population....that has been done and is therefore regressive. What is/was progressive is ensuring equal opportunity for individuals to maximize their potential, if they choose.

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