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Monday, January 4, 2010

Chris Matthews Attacks Politico for Publishing Cheney's Commentary, Tells Martin "He's Feeding You Guys This Crap" - Video 1/4/10

Here is video of Chris Matthews attacking Politico for publishing Dick Cheney's commentary.

Chris Matthews asked Politico's Jonathan Martin, "does he have a thing with Politico? Does he have like a hot-line to you guys?" Matthews said to Martin "he uses you like you'd use Drudge or somebody, why does he go to you guys?"

Martin responded to Matthews saying "you'd have to ask the Vice President, Chris, I'm not sure, we aggressively report on both sides." Chris Matthews then told Martin "it's not reporting, he feeds you this stuff, I like Politico but he's feeding you guys this crap."


Blind Eye Jones,  January 4, 2010 at 10:35 PM  

When Obama speaks he alludes to "Bush's fault" even after a year into his presidency. But Chrissy Matthews never hears that, never comments on the mean spiritedness of Obama to still point to Bush and, thus, avoid taking responsibility. If Obama shuts up about Bush and the past administration, Cheney still has every right to point out problems if American lives are endangered. Bottom line: the democrats just can't take the heat.

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