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Monday, January 18, 2010

Cell Phone Video Captures Scene Just Moments After Haiti's Main Cathedral Collapsed in Earthquake - Video 1/12/10

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Here is cell phone video captured by a Brazilian soldier showing the scene just moments after the main Cathedral in Haiti's capital city of Port-Au-Prince collapsed.

The soldier began filming just seconds after the quake began to tremble, and it shows the rubble and dust that resulted. You can hear the people screaming and walking around covered in dust with dazed looks on their faces.
Cell phone video captured by a Brazilian solider showing the seconds following the collapse of Haiti’s main cathedral during the earthquake was released on Sunday (January 17) by local media.

Luis Diego Moraes used his cell phone to film the dramatic moments that followed last Tuesday’s tragedy.

Moraes started to capture the video only a few seconds after the ground started to tremble under his feet. He described the chaotic scene as people walked by covered in dust.

“The church just collapsed. It almost fell over us,“ he said, filming himself.

“Look at the dust. Many people who were under here vanished. It’s the exact moment of the tragedy. My God, the church just collapsed. It missed us by little. Dear God, now that the dust has lowered we can see better,“ he added, while filming.

A pile of rubble was all that had been left of a cathedral where dozens of people, including the renowned Brazilian doctor and missionary, Zilda Arns, were gathered. . . . MORE


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