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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

CBS News' Chip Reid Confronts Robert Gibbs over Obama's Broken C-Span Promises - Video 1/6/10

Here is video of CBS News' Chip Reid grilling White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs over whether or not President Obama intends to keep his campaign promise to broadcast Health Care negotiations on C-Span. Obama promised at least eight times to do so when he was running for President, and has never once even made a move to try and make good on that promise. Gibbs would not respond, instead referring Reid to "yesterday's transcript" where he claimed he "addressed the question." Actually he dodged a question about it yesterday, but has never addressed it.

The truth is that candidate Obama flat out lied. He never intended to be transparent, but only promised to be so to create the facade that he would represent "Hope" and "Change." He is all about getting his way, and being transparent on the ObamaCare legislation would not serve his purposes. The fact he promised something appears to mean nothing to President "Hope" and "Change."


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