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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brit Hume Says America is a "Center-Right Country" and has Rejected Obama's "Left-of-Center Agenda" - Video

Here is video of the Fox News Sunday Panel discussing the Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts and what it means. They agreed that voters in Massachusetts rejected Obama's policies, and the tactics used to try and push through ObamaCare legislation.

Chris Wallace thinks Obama's huge mistake was to let the Health Care Debate drag on for so long without passing anything. Both Pelosi and Reid have failed miserably in not getting something passed.

Brit Hume said that America is a "Center-Right Country," and Obama has been pushing a "Left-of-Center Agenda." The public will tolerate that as long as it likes the results. But the results of the Obama Agenda have been dismal and therefore the ideologically Left agenda has been rejected.


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