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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ann Coulter and Democrat Pat Caddell Analyze Where the Democrats Go from Here - Video 1/26/10

Here is video of Sean Hannity talking with Ann Coulter and Democrat Pollster Pat Caddell about the future of the Democrat Party.

Caddell said Democrats have to stop trying to "jam things through," and instead must begin to try and work with the other party. He does not agree with some Democrats - like Howard Dean - who say Democrats lost in Massachusetts because they have not been Left enough in how they have governed.

Coulter pointed out that Scott Brown ran on being the "41st vote against ObamaCare," which makes it hard to believe he won because Massachusetts voters were made at Democrats for not being radical enough.

Ann Coulter said there is nothing Democrats can do to turn their falling numbers around unless they radically change their agenda - which they won't do. Caddell said Obama has only one choice moving forward - and that is to focus on "jobs, jobs, jobs." He said Obama must get the economy growing for Democrats to have any hope going forward. Hannity pointed out, however, that Obama's policies are "hostile to business," which makes the likelihood of Obama turning the economy around very remote.


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