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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Panel Discusses Obama's "Cash for Caulkers" Boondoggle Plan - Video 12/26/09

Here is video from "Cashin In" where they discussed President Obama's "Cash for Caulkers" plan to ask for over $20 Billion to make America's homes more "Green" - weather efficient. They talked about how the plan has worked so far in Texas, where the Dallas Morning News has reported that $1.8 million has been spent to weatherize just 7 homes!

Everyone on the panel, except for the Democrat Strategist, agreed that this is a perfect example of the inefficiency of big "boondoggle" Government programs. In fact, one panel member pointed out that the Obama Administration's whole approach to Government and Economics is displayed here in their belief that Government can produce jobs and wealth, when the truth is Government really just gets in the way of both, instead being profoundly wasteful with money.


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