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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Uncovered Video Shows Howard Dean in France Praising Obama for Moving America Closer to "European Model" - Video

Here is a new expose video by Naked Emperor News that shows former Democrat National Committee Chairman Howard Dean speaking in Paris, France this past April, where he said the debate as to whether we should have Captialism or Socialism "is over." Dean said, "Now we are going to have both." The only debate is on how much we will have of each.

He also praised President Obama as the "JFK of this generation." He said Obama has brought America closer to the "European Model" of the "permanent campaign."

It is interesting that Democrats take such offense when conservatives say Obama is trying to bring "socialism" to America. Here is the former DNC Chair using the word "socialism" himself to describe what we are moving toward. At least Dean was honest in France, when he obviously thought his words would never be heard by people in America.


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