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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Number of Americans Identifying as Democrats Drops to Four-Year Low - Rasmussen 12/1/09

Rasmussen is reporting a new poll that says the number of Americans who say they are Democrats has fallen to a four-year low:

The number of Americans identifying themselves as Democrats fell by nearly two percentage points in November. Added to declines earlier in the year, the number of Democrats in the nation has fallen by five percentage points during 2009.

In November, 36.0% of American adults said they were Democrats. That’s down from 37.8% a month ago and the lowest number of Democrats since December 2005. . . . MORE


Anonymous,  December 1, 2009 at 5:55 PM  

Count me as one of them. I am certainly no republican, but after spending 24 years of my life as a registered democrat, I can say, there is no more democratic party, these people are america-loathing marxists. They have and are driving out all the sane moderate/centrist democrats out of the party.

The Undemocratic Party is dead. I have friends who are even embarassed to call themselves EX-DEMOCRAT

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