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Monday, December 14, 2009

Newly Uncovered Evidence Reveals Expansion of Medicare is Long-time Obama Plan for Socialized Medicine - Video

It could not be more clear. Here is new evidence uncovered by Naked Emperor News that reveals President Obama has planned all along to move the United States toward a "single-payer," Universal Health Care System, by expanding Medicare to include people age 55 and up.

This video points out that Obama went to Capitol Hill on December 7 to meet with Senate Democrats. Just two days later, Harry Reid announced his grand "compromise" to supposedly drop the "Public Option" but expand Medicare to include those 55 and up.

The proof that this "compromise" comes straight from Obama is in the video. On a radio show in 2004, Obama described the exact plan that Harry Reid has now proposed! But in 2004, Obama went a step further and said expanding Medicare would "ultimately move in the direction of a Universal Health Care Plan."

The Democrats and Obama are still determined to bring full-blown, socialized medicine to the United States. Obama has been planning this for years, and he's now trying to slip his plan through under the guise of "giving up" on the Public Option.


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