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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Michael Goldfarb Talks to Glenn Beck about White House Base-Closing Threat Against Sen. Ben Nelson - Video 12/16/09

Here is video of Michael Goldfarb, of The Weekly Standard, talking with Glenn Beck yesterday about a source who told him that President Obama's team has threatened Democrat Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska to get him to support the Senate Health Care Bill. Goldfarb said a source told him they threatened to put Offut Air Force Base in Nebraska on the Base closing review list if Nelson does not support ObamaCare. Twenty GOP Senators are now reportedly calling for an investigation into the threat.

Goldfarb says it is not a credible threat, and shows the White House does not even understand the base closing process.

But as Glenn Beck points out, the fact they would use such tactics to twist arms says a great deal about Obama and his administration.


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