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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Maxine Waters Gets the Run-Around when Trying to Help Voters with "Loan Modifications" - Video 12/22/09

Here is interesting video of Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters trying to help constituents with calling their banks to work out "loan modifications." The video is from an ABC News report, and shows Waters calling Bank of America among others, where she got into a two-hour ordeal of automated messages and eventually getting cut off. In the three cases featured in this piece, she was unable to get anything done for them.

I almost never agree with Maxine Waters, but this report does show how difficult it can be to get anything done over the phone with virtually any business entity these days. As for the loans, the number of people with loans they really can't afford is staggering, and it will be a drag on America's economy for many years to come. Ironically, it was the policies supported by Waters and the Democrats that got a lot of these folks into the loans they now cannot afford to pay. I give Waters credit for taking the time to try and help some of her constituents, but unfortunately she helped create the very monster she is now trying to do something about.


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