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Monday, December 28, 2009

Major Crackdown Underway in Iran Against Opposition to Thug Regime - Video 12/28/09

Here is video on a major crackdown underway in Iran by the thug regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the wake of massive protests in Tehran and across the country yesterday. Many of the leading dissidents in Iran have reportedly been arrested, along with hundreds of protesters. The video also contains an interview with a professor from Tehran University, who was clearly choosing his words rather carefully. In fact, he tried to blame U.S. and British television entities (funded by the governments) for the protests:

Iranian authorities intensified a crackdown against a budding opposition movement, arresting prominent political activists and allegedly confiscating the corpse of an opposition leader's nephew in an effort to stem further protests.

At least eight people were killed in Sunday's unrest, according to Iranian news outlets, with dozens of police and protesters injured and huge swaths of the capital littered with debris and ash from the unrest.

Protests coinciding with the Ashura religious holiday also broke out in other cities and towns across the country.

According to the reformist website Parlemannews, the body of Ali Habibi-Mousavi, opposition leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi's nephew, went missing today after he was allegedly shot dead by security forces or allied militias during massive anti-government Ashura protests Sunday.

"Unfortunately, they have taken the body of my brother from the hospital, and however much we search, we can't find the body," his brother, Reza Mousavi, told the news website. "No one is accepting responsibility for the body or is accountable."

A report by Iran's official Islamic Republic News Agency said Habibi-Mousavi's body and that of four other victims of the day's violence had been taken away for "investigation" by the police, citing no sources.

Removal of the bodies also might stymie potential political unrest associated with funerals and the religiously significant third, seventh and 40th days of mourning. . . . MORE


ilona@israel December 29, 2009 at 6:11 AM  

i saw many photos and videos of protestors. its terrible thing to watch. i am so sorry for this people who even have no right for opinion now. and re-election of ahmadinejad was kinda mistake...39 percent of the youth and 23 percent of the older age group who had voted for Ahmadinejad now regretted their vote.
i really hope those people in iran will be supported ...

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