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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Local Police Union Official Calls Out Mike Huckabee on Maurice Clemmons Clemency Decision - Video 11/30/09

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Here is video of the Lakewood Police Union President - Brian Wurts - speaking on the Rusty Humphries radio show where he pointedly called out Mike Huckabee for his commutation of the 95-year sentence of Maurice Clemmons, the man who killed four Washington police officers on Sunday. They play a portion of Huckabee's explanation to Bill O'Reilly as to why he commuted the sentence. Wurts said Huckabee should just admit his mistake, apologize, and try to move on. He believes Huckabee should be more "up front" about this.

You can go here to watch Huckabee's full explanation to O'Reilly.

The suspected killer, Maurice Clemmons, is now dead, shot and killed by Seattle police overnight.


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