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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jon Stewart Mocks Al Gore and the "ClimateGate Scandal" - Video 12/2/09

Here is video of Comedy Central's Jon Stewart mocking Al Gore and the "ClimateGate Scandal" that centers on emails between leading Man-Made Global Warming scientists which show they may have doctored the data to make it more in keeping with their ideology and agenda.

Stewart showed news clips on the story, and then commented on them in his own, mocking way.

Interestingly, this video is from GOP Sen. James Inhofe's YouTube page. Stewart mocks Inhofe as well at the end of the video. Inhofe has been one of the leading Senators to stand up to the whole Global Warming hysteria. It shows Inhofe has a sense of humor, and can laugh at himself.

It is interesting that a comedy show is doing more reporting on this story than all of the broadcast networks and most of the cable networks as well.


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