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Friday, December 18, 2009

Dick Morris Says a "Republican Tsunami" is Coming in the 2010 Midterm Elections - Video 12/17/09

Here is video of Dick Morris talking with Sean Hannity last night where he continued to say that the Republican Party will win back both houses of Congress in the 2010 mid-term election. Morris said there is a "Tsunami" coming, just as there was in 1994 when the GOP swept to power in Congress when Bill Clinton was President. He makes the comments at the end of the segment.

Earlier in the segment, the discuss Obama's falling poll numbers, with Morris pointing out that at the end of Bill Clinton's first year (1993), he had an approval rating of 56%, which was actually 14% above the 42% of the vote he won in being elected President in 1992. With Obama, Morris said he won 52% of the vote and is now polling at 47% - a five percent drop over his election win. Morris believes this signals what is coming in the 2010 election.


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