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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Christmas Miracle: Mother and Baby Revived After "Dying" During Labor - Video Report

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Here is video about a "Christmas Miracle" mother and baby who officials say "died" during labor. The doctors performed an emergency C-section when she went into cardiac arrest and immediately after delivering the baby, the mother's pulse returned. She had no hearbeat for four minutes.

The baby was initially limp and lifeless when delivered, but doctors worked on the baby boy, and he "came to life" in his dad's arms. All are now doing well. Doctors have no explanation for what happened:
Believers would call it a Christmas miracle: A mother dies in labor on Christmas Eve. Her child is stillborn. Then, minutes later, both of them come miraculously back to life.

All this happened last Thursday night in a Colorado hospital, according to the Associated Press.

Tracy Hermanstorfer had stopped breathing during labor at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs.

"She had no signs of life. No heartbeat, no blood pressure, she wasn't breathing," Dr. Stephanie Martin, a maternal fetal medicine specialist at the hospital, told the AP.

The baby boy, who was delivered by Cesarean section, "was basically limp, with a very slow heart rate," Martin said.

Hermanstorfer, 35, had arrived at the hospital with her husband Mike, 37, and appeared normal - at first. During the prep for childbirth the woman began to feel sleepy and laid back in her bed.

"She literally stopped breathing and her heart stopped," said her husband. . . . MORE


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